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Clark County property transfers for July 31, 2020

The following property transfers were recorded in the Clark County Clerk’s office July 20-25, 2020.

— Kentucky Elite Builders to Donal Polchinski and Kasil Polchinski, 10 Chicadee Lane, $149,500.

— Michael T. McCarthy and Martha H. McCarthy to Stephen Gray, 235 S. Main St., $195,000.

— Jason Hall and Paul Everett Hamilton estate to Mason Middendorf and Morgan Middendorf, 1748 Little Stoner Road, $272,000.

— William Derek Maston and Samantha Mastin to Francisco Javier Rodriguez and Miranda Strange, 236 Dubuy Drive, $183,000.

— Nicholas R. Helmburg and Ashley N. Helmburg to Jennifer Leann Creech, 216 Dubuy Drive, $173,500.

— Patricia Gibson and Loran Gibson to Kyle Meranda and Kelsey Meranda, 2080 Big Stoner Road, $67,900.

— Randa C. Wells and Chad E. Wells to Walter Hulley, 313 E. Washington St., $70,000.

— Danielle Ann Bentley, Danielle A. Tackett and Tommy R. Bentley Jr. to Danielle Ann Bentley, 306 Jett Place, quit claim.

— Magnolia Investments LLC to Janene Yetto, 127 Old Bottom Road, $135,900.

— Gary O. Lawson and Joyce T. Lawson to Gary M. Lawson and Kimberly Jo Lawson, 5970 Paris Road, $83,116.80.

— William L. Meurer and Ashley Meurer to William L. Meurer and Ashley Meurer, 4188 Combs Ferry Road, love and affection.

— Susan C. Hutchins and Tony C. Hutchins to James Francis Baker Jr., 23 Lynnway Drive, $243,875.

— William Robert Fore and Bonnie Joyce Fore to Deborah Jeanine Moll, 516 Fox Quisenberry Lane, $15,000.

— Monty J. Rosson and Mary M. Rosson to Randy Jay Thomas, Sheila Ann Thomas and Sheila Lindon Thomas, property added to 1875 Ecton Road, $16,000.

— Rivers Edge LLC to Janet Mazzoli, 3209 Clintonville Road, $600,000.

— Tim E. Kalinowski and Olivia H. Kalinowski to Erin Tony Ashcraft and Nicole Marie Ashcraft, 27 Valley Court, $185,000.

— Leland J. Timme and Mary M. Timme to Todd Doan and Terri A. Doan, 214 Cherokee Drive, $105,000.

— Judy C. Williams estate to Eckman Management LLC, 743 Wayland Drive, $60,000.

— Eckman Management LLC to Ratliff Homes LLC, 743 Wayland Drive, $60,000.

— Frederick H. Kniesly to Nathan T. Newsome ad Savanna N. Newsome, 801 Vienna Road, $369,000.

— Gregg A. Robinson as co-trustee of Gregg A. Robinson 2005 revocable trust to Rona Minae Lawson, 5109 Colby Road, $600,000.

— Kenneth Ray Banks to Kenneth Douglas Banks and Tiffany L. Banks, 25 Waveland Ave., love and affection.

— Timothy Pratt and Tammy Pratt to Kimberly Byrd, 455 Mount Vernon Drive, $15,000.

— Ida Mae Ryckman to Ida Mae Ryckman and Bernadette M. Bales, 16 Rowland Ave., quit claim.

— Ronnie Wilcox and Ester Wilcox to Larry L. Abney, 40 Rowland Ave., $76,700.

— United States of America and Rural Housing Service Department of Agriculture to Phillips Inc., 332 Vanover Drive, $101,900.

— Phillips Inc. to Erin Lewis Properties Inc., 332 Vanover Way, $50,950.

— Danny W. Hall, Vonda Hall, David S. Hall and Joanna Hall to Kerry D. Creech and Tammy Denise Creech, 6040 Iron Works Road, $155,000.

— Mickey Little to Johnnene Jones, 113 Woodduck Court, $295,000.

— Pierre O. Gaille and Jacqueline Y. Gaille to Gaille Investments LLC, 142 Clubhouse Drive, quit claim.

— Dana Arnold, Dana Thomas and James R. Arnold to Eva Thomas, 140 Alabama St., $105,000.

— Christopher A. Turpin and Kimberly A. Turpin to Richard Wayne McCrocklin and Cynthia McCrocklin, 202 Wabash Ave., $108,000.

— Paul J. Salce and Constance K. Salce to Paul J. Salce family trust, 675 Cole Road, trust.

— Corina Alexina Gaboriault to Brandon Garrett and Brittany Garrett, 355 E. Washington St., $85,000.