Property transfers for May 15, 2020

The following property transfers were recorded in the Clark County Clerk’s Office May 4-9, 2020

— David S. Shelton and Patricia Anne Shelton to Patricia Ann Shelton, 200 Moundale Ave., quit claim.

— Patricia Anne Shelton to Robert G. Strode, 200 Moundale Ave., $232,500.

— Bessie Miller to Brandon Hermenitt and Robyn L. Hermenitt, 1725 Kiddville Raod, $12,000.

— Sarah Crews, Sarah Crews Miller and Michael Snowden to Cody Douglas and Taylor Nichole Snowden, 441 LaSalle Drive, $219,000.

— Cody Liggett and Taylor Snowden to Linda Wilson and Pail Wilson, 343 Vanover Way, $136,000.

— Julian R. Harris and Mary Virginia Harris to Michael J. Chamberlain, 166 French Ave., $38,000.

— Teresa Y. Davis and Remonia Lee Townsend estate to Donna Willoughby, 16 Goldie Ave., will.

— Kentucky Bank to James G. Moore, 222 Plantations Drive, $195,000.

— Mark D. McClure and Vickie L. McClure to Ran Gar Investments, 9570 Iron Works Road, $116,000.

— Larry J. Burton and Karen Sue Burton to Tiffany N. White, 407 Corinne Court, $184,500.

— Wanda Everman and Dickie Everman to Ivon Miller and Virginia Miller, 207 and 208 E. Hickman St., $113,000.

— Ralph Douglas Chambers to KBC Properties LLC, 96 Hillcrest Drive, $80,000.

— Connie Fraley Campbell and Phyllis Joyce Fraley estate to Eugene M. Barber and Jo Ann Barber, 4603 Paris Road, $625,000.

— Conley Construction Corp. to A Place to Call Home Rentals LLC, 339 Carolina Ave., $105,500.

— Jim Trimble to A Place to Call Home Rentals LLC, 105 Heather Lane, $107,500.

— Eckman Management LLC to Watts Family Properties LLC, 136 Alabama St., $58,000.

— Timothy R. Crowe and Danyelle E. Crowe to Thoroughbred Apartments LLC, 124 Sterling St., LLC.

— Roy Lee Whitehead and Carla Sue Whitehead to Yahaira Madai Yahuaca Andrade and Jason Lee Bowlin, 211 Moss Court, $131,250.