Local girl scores in gymnastics

A young gymnast from Winchester, Mia Davis, brought home two first-place trophies after competing in the United States Tumbling and Trampoline Association’s competitions in Morehead Feb. 22.

Mia, 10, placed first in tumbling, first in double mini and third in trampoline. She also received the beginner high point trophy for tumbling during the invitational.

She also made the 2020 USTA Kentucky State All Star team.

In June 2019, Mia attended the USTA Nationals, where she brought home first place in her tumbling flight and fifth place in the nation.

Mia is a fourth-grade student at Shearer Elementary School, where she is nearly a straight-A student, according to her mother, Elana Davis.

Her coach is Kathy Bradley, owner of the Thoroughbred  Gymnastics Inc.

Elana Davis said Mia’s coach, family and friends are proud of her for her accomplishments, and her father, Adam, who passed away in 2018, would also be very proud of her.