Honoring Heroes: JROTC places flags on veterans’ graves

George Rogers Clark High school’s Junior ROTC students placed American flags on veterans’ graves Tuesday.

JROTC students place the flags twice a year in remembrance of those who have served the country.

Nearly 50 cadets arrived at the cemetery just before 9 a.m. Tuesday, where they met with Master Sgt. Larry Lee to debrief and break off into groups before spreading out across the grounds.

Each group has a team leader who is a LET 4 (Leadership, Education, Training) in their fourth year and has done the flag placement in the past.

JROTC students place each flag on the left side of the headstone about six inches out. The cadets then take a moment of silence and salute to pay respects to the flag and the veteran.

The cadets placed about 500 flags Tuesday, which are provided by the Winchester Cemetery board.

The flags remain next to the headstones for a couple of weeks following Veterans Day before groundskeepers collect and store them until they are needed again.

Every veteran found receives a flag under the United States Flag Code, Lee previously told The Sun.

Anyone with a veteran in their family whose grave does not receive a flag in the Winchester Cemetery can contact the JROTC program.

JROTC students are also starting a service project Wednesday. The students are completing a stream clean-Up throughout November.